Fill out your application easily

Our simplified DS-160 form is easy to navigate, and allows you to save your data, pause and come back whenever you want.

Receive step by step guidance

After you fill out your form, we will send you a step by step guide of how to make your payment, schedule your embassy appointment and prepare for your interview.

Our number one priority is to help you obtain your visa

PassPal is a private company that offers an online service to help travelers get a visa to visit the US. We combine the experience of our experts with the latest technology to ease the process.

The idea was born from our own frustrating experiences with visa applications, which we found to be confusing and difficult to understand. This motivated us to improve the whole process. With PassPal, applying for a visa is easy, effective and fast.


Fernanda Zarraga

I applied for visas for my whole family through PassPal. Thanks to the whole team for being so attentive, particularly to Mireia for her very efficient work. Thanks a lot!


Alejandro Lopez Haro

I got my visa! Excellent customer service and personalized assistance. Thank you, your help made everything super easy.


Silvia Susana Simonetti

I received my US visa today. I am so thankful to the whole staff at PassPal. Specially to Mireia, who guided me through the entire process and was super efficient and kind. I strongly recommend this service.